Fast Staffing & Reliable Service

Premier Staffing takes pride in contracting the most reliable and trained Locum Tenens in the area. With over 30 years of medical experience, Premier Staffing has the ability to make informed and ethical decisions to best meet our customer’s needs. We do a background check of all presented candidates, obtain references, and run various routine checks on licensure, prior to the introduction. Premier Staffing will handle all the marketing and advertising in order to fill your required shifts.

What are Locum Tenens?

A locum is a person who temporarily fulfills the duties of another. For example, a locum physician is a physician who works in the place of the regular physician when that physician is absent, or when a hospital/practice is short-staffed. These professionals are still governed by their respective regulatory bodies, despite the transient nature of their positions.
Medical facilities will become short staffed due to various reasons that include maternity leaves, hospital expansion, and seasonal staffing shortages. Premier Staffing looks to meet these facility needs and are always looking for new locum tenens. We supply coverage for multiple medical facilities and look forward to adding new team members to help us support our customers needs.

Let Us Work For You

Premier Staffing Opportunities

Premier Staffing provides many opportunities for their providers. What better way to gain experience, control your schedule, supplement income, or earn competitive wages in your field. Jerrad Sunde and Dr. Assen Chekerdjiev have over 30 years of experience to help you achieve the best placements to meet your qualifications and personal needs. What better way to explore the different facilities in the area and find out which facility may be the right one for you. Contact Premier Staffing today!